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I am so excited to get to travel back “home,” to the nations capitol, for Juli & John’s big day.  With Juli & John in New York, Mrs. McGlynn in DC, and me now in Lexington, planning has been fun; a lot of emails, phone calls, and even a great 3-day trip.

Make sure to check in the fall when the highlights of this fantastic day are on the blog! You won’t want to miss the beautiful ceremony at St. Patrick’s, the bagpiper playing on the front steps of the church, or the great party to follow at Columbia Country Club.  I know I can’t wait!


SohoJuli and John both attended Villanova University and were probably at the same places at the same times on frequent occasions, but never actually met each other during college.

Mutual Villanova friends, on a New Year’s ski trip to Killington, finally introduced the two about 4 years ago. The actual moment of meeting varies depending on whom you ask.  John claims he met Juli at the Pickle Barrel on New Year’s Eve where he felt there was a connection. Juli does not recall that encounter. According to Juli, she first met John the next day at a bar where they were watching a Villanova basketball game and thought he was a stud. Juli, however, had a track record of being oblivious to cute boys because she was busy hanging out with her lady friends, so it would take a couple more chance encounters for love to spark.

The very next weekend, John and Juli happened to be sitting in adjoining boxes at a rodeo at Madison Square Garden.  They chatted briefly but went their separate ways soon after. The very next weekend, a friend sent out a group text to meet up for margaritas at Diablo Royale in the West Village and only two people showed up—John and Juli.  The two hit it off, started dating immediately, and have been inseparable ever since.

The Engagement:

Picture 013East Hampton/Montauk area has always been a special place for John and Juli and it is where the two have spent countless weekends ever since they started dating.  Juli’s favorite beach is in Wainscott, and her favorite “beach spot” is an area where you can sit on the rocks and watch surfers and where the beautiful Georgica Pond (sometimes) meets the ocean.

The morning that it happened, John told Juli that they were going to get breakfast with their friend Silvestri in Wainscott. As they were driving, John claimed to get a text from Silvestri that he was running late. Since they were passing by Juli’s favorite beach, John suggested that they just wait there until Silvestri was ready. Juli was frustrated that they could not eat right away, but the sun was out on a day that was supposed to be rainy and there was nobody on the beach, so she decided she could wait 15 more minutes.

They took a stroll down the beach and when they got to Juli’s favorite spot, John got down on one knee and popped the question.  Juli, of course, said yes and jumped around in shock for a bit. The state of Maryland was clearly smiling down on them because when they walked over to the pond there were crabs dancing around them.   The two then finally got food at their favorite lobster roll joint and drank champagne on the beach for the rest of the day.



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