Setting a Wedding Budget and Sticking to It


Let’s be honest, this is a conversation most people try to avoid – money. As hard as it is, I encourage you to have a full, open and honest conversation about your wedding and how it will be paid for.  …

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Tips on Tipping


Tips are never obligatory. Tipping is called a gratuity because it is exactly that, a monetary gift that conveys your gratitude for exceptional service rendered.

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Children at the Wedding: Yeah or Nay


A good friend of mine is starting to plan her wedding and I asked if she was inviting children.  She gave me a sideways look that told me she didn’t even want to have the conversation. Enough said. Some couples …

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Setting Your Reception Table


You think choosing a wedding and bridesmaid dresses set your head spinning. You wouldn’t believe how many of my brides get hung up on selecting table linens. So let’s make it streamlined and easy – fun not stressful. The reception …

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