2017 Wedding Trend We Can’t Get Enough Of


Each year, we see new trends in the wedding industry that seem to catch people’s eye. This year we’ve noticed an abundance of greenery in the wedding world & we can’t get enough of it. There are hundreds of ways to incorporate greenery in order to make each wedding unique and one of a kind…rosemary, ivy, mint, fern, moss, olive leaves, the list goes on! There are so many ways to style this trend, which is why we’re confident that greenery is here to stay!


Styling greenery with candles is the perfect way to add elegance and class to any wedding. If you want to make a statement, use garland as the centerpiece for your tables & voila… you have an effortless and natural look. Pairing the greenery with soft linens can really make the wedding feel warm and inviting. If you want to take it a step further, try pairing the greenery and candles with an old farm table to truly make it a beautiful space… utilizing an assortment of candle sizes and shapes will add dimension and complete the look.



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The perfect way to add a romantic touch to any wedding is by pairing greenery with blush tones. Top it off with gold accents and you’re ready for a beautiful and stylish wedding. The good thing about this trend in greenery is that you don’t need to utilize too much of another color. The green truly speaks for itself, and by pairing it with just one other color you can accentuate its liveliness. There are so many ways to incorporate greenery in your wedding to make it a fresh and relaxing space. Check out these other ideas that we’ve fallen in love with! We can’t wait to see this trend take off even more in 2017.


Photos From Pinterest

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